Making It Happen Check-In

  Hey friends! I have a little confession. I started writing this post back in March with the intention of having it go live in April. I intended it to be a quarterly check-in with my goals, as well as a Power Sheets update. Well, obviously I didn’t post it. Why? Because it wasn’t perfect or that’s what I thought… Read More

Let Them Eat Bread

Hello, my name is Carrie and I am bread lover. I am positive I came out of the womb begging for bread rather than milk. Yes, Mom I can pass on the milk but please pass something creamy for my bread {or toast} like butter or peanut butter. I’m sure you didn’t realize I was speaking at like a very… Read More

My PCA Skin Eye Gel Review

Are you concerned about those circles and lines that appear around your eyes? I am! Those lines and dark circles can be such a nuisance! I know those lines didn’t exist when I was younger and I don’t remember the dark circles either. That has all changed as I’ve gotten older. Lately, I’ve been most concerned about the dark circles… Read More

Grace + Gratitude #4

Did Grace + Gratitude intersect your life last week? They did in mine. How? In ways I wasn’t anticipating that is for sure. Warning: Deep thoughts ahead…you might need waders. You have been warned! Maybe this collage of our flower/vegetable garden will make you smile. There’s more than just plants growing around these parts…lots of thoughts too! Here’s what I… Read More